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Would you like to have software that can help you to communicate with your customers and potential client for awareness and updation? If yes, then Bulk SMS is an excellent addition in the marketing field.

Bulk SMS

With this software, you can send SMS bulk to the people in case you want them to be aware of anything. If you own a business, service, or brand and you want to aware of your customers to any new collection, any quick new sales offer, and discount you can send them through this software.

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With this free software, you can send quick messages to your customers without any extra charges. The most amazing free online thing regarding this marketing software that you can send 200-300 messages in 20-25 seconds.


To send cheap bulk SMS, there is a need to sign up for the account with all the required information. This account will setup without credit cards and only with 50 credits.

Import Contact list:

Bulk SMS

After signing up for the free account, you’ll able to import and add the contact list of your customers. If there is no contact list available, then you should run the campaign of SMS for free to have quick contact with your customers.

Send Message:

Once you have the contact list of your customers, make a promotional, awareness, or informative message or SMS for business. You can make a message of any sale or reminder as well. Please make the message and send it now or schedule it for sending it later.

Why choose Bulk SMS?

No issue of message Deliver:
There is no issue regarding the deliverability of the messages and websites. If you send the words through the Bulk message, then they will be delivered on time.

No fee:

The first 25 messages that send through the Bulk SMS are free. There are no upfront charges while sending these messages. Also, there is no need to add your credit card, once you are sure of the usage of the software, you can upgrade your plan.

No other software Required:

With the Bulk SMS software and sites, no need to subscribe or sign up for any other software. You can easily have your account on this software and can send tons of messages.

Send a message to 1000’s people:

With Bulk messaging software, it becomes more comfortable to send free trials to thousands of people at once.

Add Media:

With Bulk SMS, there is an opportunity that you can add photos and media as well with the message. To support your multitester, you can add the required media with your messages.

User Friendly:

As this software is not very difficult to use SMS trial is convenient and user friendly to use. You can send messages in just a few seconds.

The benefit of Bulk SMS:

The free SMS site is handy software because you can track the activity of your messages as well with this soft.

Message Sent:

When the message has been sent to the people you want to send the messages, you can see in the software that you successfully have sent the message.

Message Delivery:

When the bulk message has been delivered to the people you have send the messages, you can see in the software that your message has delivered.

Message Seen:

When the message is seen by the people you have send the messages, you can see in the software that message seen by that particular person.

Response Report:

If someone avails of your offer or interested in that offer you can track through the software that how many people responded from that particular campaign. Also, you can chat with people and reply to their queries.


It is concluded that the Bulk SMS sender software can be used for marketing purposes in small and other businesses. You can send 300+ messages in 20-25 seconds. Fast and reliable software can send messages efficiently without any delay.

How can I send bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is an excellent addition to the marketing field. With this software, you can send SMS bulk to the people in case you want them to be aware of anything.

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