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Sms Bomber
Would You Like To Prank Your Friend With Sms Bomber? Everyone Loving Pranks In Their Social Circles With Their Friends And Family. In Case You’re Looking To Bomb The Inbox Of Your Friend With Tons Of SMS.

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SMS Bomber:

NOTE: Please Use it for only fun purposes. The developer is not responsible If you use it for revenge.


SMS Bomber Online:

if you want to prank and don’t want to download Apk you can use our online you just need to add the number and then click on the button.


Sms Bomber  Apk Download

App Name Sms Bomber
App Size2.2 Mb
Total Downloads 245,000+
Version v2.8.6
Supported Version Android 3.06+
App Developer UK
Last Updated 5 Min ago

Do you know advanced technology made it easy for us to send someone a lot of messages at a time without letting them know about your number? NO, SMS bombing wasn’t so easy before. SMS Bomber APK made it easy for us to send many messages at a time.  The best bomber apk is an absolute joy for people to create some fun with their friends and family members.

Features Bombitup apk:

  • Free SMS is extremely convenient and easy to use
  • Tons of messages can be sent at a time
  • No Phone number is required for sending messages through this extreme SMS apk
  • No Security Issues while downloading
  • Sms Bombing can work perfectly fine if the receiver has put on the no-disturb mode.
  •  No private data is involved while using SMS bombers, it’s completely secured.
  • There are no charges of using this text bombing through WhatsApp
  • Not tricky, really easy to download
  • User Friendly on PC and Android as well
  • Easily selected contacts
  • The process can be canceled at any time
  • SMS bombing is slow, medium, and fast according to your choice.
  • You can add a counter to each number.

There are many SMS spammers available in the market but in my personal experience, SMS bombers are far better and more convenient to use. Now the bomber app is widely used in the USA, CANADA, Australia, India, and many other countries so we can say that it has International standing as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Download for PC?

  • Three steps include in the downloading process:
  •  The latest version can be downloaded from the link
  • Install the link, and after installation open the link
  • Open the app
  • Now it’s time to start the process of bombing messages through SMS bomber download.

How to use a free SMS bomber?

  • Open the SMS bomber app
  • From the left corner select the unlimited bombing option and then press send.
  • If you want to stop bombing messages tap on stop.
  • The bomber app is ready to bomb the messages

How can I send unlimited SMS?

You can send unlimited SMS.

How can I get rid?

You can get rid of it by changing the settings from unable to disable  Open the setting then go to the menu and disable the notifications.

How can I stop doing SMS bombing?

SMS bomber just by hitting the stop button from the apk. Sms bombing will stop.


There are many bomber apps like bombitup, message bomber, and call bomber, but SMS Bomber 2022 is the best of all. Soon we’ll discuss call bombers and missed call bombers as well. There is an issue with people who don’t want to send a message from their own number.

With a top-rated bombing app, there is no need to worry about this because in this procedure we don’t need to put our own number and let people know about ourselves. It’s really fun and a joy to have pranks with friends and family. There is no issue of security, charges, or advertisement with this. So it’s easy and fun to have this type of app with you.

It’s extremely easy to use with Android and PC as well because it’s extremely user-friendly. If you have any issue regarding downloading in the Sms bomber apk or any issue that you would like to discuss, please do let me know in the comments. Everyone is welcome here with their valuable suggestions.

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